About UsSimple Work Solutions, LLC began offering organizing solutions in 2000. As a second career, Diane Smith brings strong financial organizing expertise to her clients based on her years of business organizing experience.

After a successful career with the State of Georgia - Georgia Technology Authority, she developed a detailed approach to helping her clients identify problems and create solutions to help them overcome their challenges…at home, at work and with their financial documents.

She has experience in various industries and sectors – including management within state government, computer training, project coordination, budget systems analyst and IT supervision. This experience has given Diane insight into her client’s financial well-being. Her daily money management and document management skills learned in the real world enable her to help her clients maintain sound day-to-day habits.

Diane’s greatest asset is her ability to get along with people. She quickly develops a rapport with her clients that allows her to identify their challenges and communicate practical solutions that they can put into place immediately. Building a strong foundation of fiscal responsibility is the key to Diane’s success with her client.